’s Refund Policy

Our team works day and night to provide quality services to all our clients in order to fully satisfy them. To know about the payment procedure, our refund policy has been structured for the understanding of the clients. We value the trust of our clients and work tirelessly to maintain it. It is all due to the hard work of our team that the reimbursement rate has greatly decreased on our website. In case of requesting for a refund, it is recommended to check out the refund policy carefully. The client can ask for a refund under the following situations:

Late Delivered Orders

  • The client will be eligible for a full refund or a store credit if the order is delivered late after being contacted by the client and the client was not able to use it.
  • The amount based on the delayed time difference will be refunded to the client if the order is delivered after the submission date. Provided that the submission date was not of much importance and the client makes use of the content.

Unsatisfactory Or Low Quality Content

  • If the client gets plagiarized content, proper evidence must be turned in to the administration to validate the accusation. In case the content is found plagiarized, the client will be required to get the content revised if the deadline allows it. Otherwise, a full refund or store credit will be provided in case of insufficient time for a revision.
  • The percentage of refund will be conveyed to the client by the Quality Assurance Department if the content is not written as per the client’s requirements after a careful assessment.
  • If the content does not satisfy the client after a revision, the QAD will decide the amount to be refunded to the client after a careful assessment of the content written.
  • If the client receives and accepts the draft delivered to them, the client will be responsible for the grades being granted, whether high or low. The company may not be held accountable for any issue whatsoever.

Incomplete Orders Or No Response

  • If the client does not receive a completed order and on time response from the customer care staff for two business days, a full refund or store credit will be provided to the client.

Transaction related technical issues resulting in the customer being charged wrongly

  • A client can either have a full refund* or store credit in case of being charged twice or extra due to a technical issue.
  • In case of being charged twice, the payment company must be contacted as the technical issue usually results from the payment company’s end.

Procedure To Resolve Order Related Issues

  • The company must be contacted by the client first in case of unsatisfactory content before contacting any third party, whether it is the bank, PayPal or a law enforcing firm, etc.
  • In case of a third party being contacted by the client before the company, the matter will be taken as a breach of contract and will be handled accordingly.

Please Note

  • Our clients are strictly prohibited from asking for chargebacks. The customer care personnel must be contacted by the client first to request for a refund.
  • If the client takes a chargeback, he/she will be considered as a fraudulent case. Additionally, if the client is found misusing our services, strict actions will be taken against them.

*Full refund= 90% amount being paid and 10% of payment cost paid to the payment gateway deducted along with the service charges.

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